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welcome to unfinished animals- working between organisations + artists to connect, empower + MOVE culture >>>



unfinished animals are your art producers + facilitator + partner to a >> THINK DIFFERENT << culture >>

We commission, curate and produce art projects + events for the most valuable asset in any environment- the people.

Weaving art into the daily fabric of the workplace and environments that shape us - we bring immersive, imaginative and inspiring artists into everyday culture. 

UA's guiding principles are to: 

+ Enhance wellbeing + mental health

+ Drive innovation + diversity 

+ Promote the expression of original ideas

+ Challenge perceptions + shift perspective

+ Create more inclusive + positive environments

Art consultancy + strategy for human potential.

Turning fear into fun is the gift of creativity...when people share a part of themselves it changes everything.
— Joe Gerbia (Co-Founder Airbnb)
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>> Think different << culture >>

Through a sense of shared purpose, we bring your values, CSR and- most importantly- your culture to life. 

We are inspired by visionary thinkers and artists who are constantly creating and responding to our ever changing world, helping us to live more enriched lives. It's this kind of forward thinking and desire to see and think differently that gets us excited.

Hand picked artists from around the globe - mural artists, painters, illustrators, photographers, collage, installation, film, light and sound artists...

UA’s offerings include: 

+ artist in residence program + participatory art experiences

+ one off art commission or exhibition 

+ arts based charity / CSR projects to help raise awareness and funds 

+ art inspired social media content 

+ artist talks/ workshops, community + special events

+ time lapse documentation of art project + events


For budgets of all sizes, we seek out and partner you with the best artists for the job and project manage every detail from concept through to installation, derig and more...

Provide us with a brief or let us help you with your culture strategy.




Each week we talk to one of our favourite artists about the message they are communicating, human observations, and the power of art to connect + transform the physical + emotional landscape.



Ricardo Cavolo

“My work is about ‘vomiting’ all the info I have been keeping in my mind. That info comes from reality, from daily life. I scan the stress, people, the sky, the cars, the ground… And all that info is what I use later in my work.”


Davia King

“I am very curious and wherever I am and whatever is happening I am constantly observing and noting patterns. I then try to figure out the simplest way to share what I observe lol this part is not easy! Taking thoughts/feeling and translating them into art in hopes that it will shift consciousness is quite challenging indeed!"


Fandangoe Kid

“I remember being a young woman and feeling so isolated, no one was talking about death and loss, there were very few platforms to creatively unfold trauma like this, at that time. I decided that if I survived my experience (and there were times when I absolutely thought I wouldn’t), that I would work to break down these barriers and push to make the ‘unspoken’ spoken about through my work.”

We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are
— Anaïs Nin
cultivate the conditions in which people can thrive.
— Sir Ken Robinson
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Do you want to be part of an empowering art movement? Are you ready to embrace a 'THINK DIFFERENT' culture or would like to know more?  

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