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"Humans are the
unfinished animal.
We complete ourselves through culture."

The quote that gave birth to unfinished animals - the company name solidifying the idea behind it and the ethos in which it lives by.

A catalyst for connection and empowering participants for change, UA aims to move the needle forward in our ever-evolving collective story with unique and authentic content that resonates with an audience's core humanity.  

Founded by Jodie H, unfinished animals partners with brands and individuals whose goal is to 'create' a legacy of positive social impact and take agency over how they do that.

Meet the founder

Anthropologist, Clifford Geetz

Jodie Hamilton

Jodie's15+ years of experience in creative marketing and branding spans across agency environments from events and experiential to production and advertising. Major clients and campaigns include Adidas, Disney, British Airways, Choose Love, Nokia, Sony, Jack Daniels, Subaru, Facebook, The Crown Estate, Dr. Martens, BBC, Wedgewood, CALM, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, Universal Records, Sky TV, Liberty London, Westfield, Raquel Allegra, and Axe.


Passionate about the power of purpose-driven storytelling to bring impactful ideas to life, Jodie grew up on the sunny shores of Gold Coast, Australia with a natural optimism coupled with a curiosity to experience the world and its cultures. She lived and worked in Singapore, Shanghai, and London before landing in Los Angeles. 

Jodie thrives at the intersection of creativity, business, philanthropy and culture. Her desire to bridge her experience and skills in art and commerce with her motivation to make positive change in the world led her to conceive and create Unfinished Animals 

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