Tasya van Ree

Can you capture the universe in a painting and find meaning? Can you go beyond the ego and find yourself through art? Hell yes! Tasya van Ree is an LA based artist awakening our soul and awareness through her own introspection and growth.

Come and let Tasya’s creative energy take you to a higher frequency.

UA: As an unfinished animal what is the driving message or idea you're creating and sharing through your art? 

TvR: To align oneself to a profound and unknown reality in which all spaces of the mind, body and soul are united. 

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UA: What has your work taught you about people and the human experience in our ever changing and busy world?

TvR: That you always have to come back to stillness and let your thoughts turn into vapor until it resonates with silence.

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UA: How do you keep yourself and your work evolving?

TvR: I’m always absorbing information around me. If it’s not in my immediate vicinity, I go out and seek it. Constantly increasing my own intelligence. Taking it all in; visually, emotionally + psychologically. Surrounding myself with high frequency vibrations. A must if you want to heighten your own consciousness and shine with greatness. 

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UA: How would you like people to connect with your work? 

TvR: Through their heart. 

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UA: Do you think we can empower people through art?

TvR: Absolutely. Creative energy is one of the most powerful forces out there. When someone truly tunes in to this they can expand with a sort of metaphysical fire, burning bright like a star. 

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UA: What impact do you think your work has or could have on culture and humanity?

TvR: I’m hoping it will help realign people to themselves and the cosmos. Which in turn will create a kinder world for us all.


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UA: Where do you find inspiration when you’re not feeling inspired?

TvR: Nature. 

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UA: When do you feel most alive and being your best self? 

TvR: When I’m communicating with the universe and all of its magical synchronicity + when I’m truly connecting with someone special.

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Thank you Tasya for your wisdom, spirituality and your work!


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Jodie Hamilton