Yoskay Yamamoto


‘My colour with you in mind'…Yoskay’s solo exhibition has only just closed in LA (19th July), and to me that title is the perfect combination of the unexplained beauty and imagination at play in his work, colours and tones that bring a sense of peace and calm, Cali dreamscapes to make you smile. Come and step into Yoskay’s world…

UA: As an unfinished animal what is the driving message or idea you're creating and sharing through your art? 

YY: There’s nothing more magical to me than capturing a simple subtle moment of everyday life and processing them through my own art.  

I’m fascinated with creating a dream like environment mixed with a sense of reality and structure - a world that’s filled with whimsical wonderment yet warm nostalgia with a bit of sweet melancholy. 

Currently I’m focusing mainly on creating art work with positive energy.  I like to think that the artwork I create carries good vibes with them wherever they go


UA: What has your work taught you about people and the human experience in our ever-changing and busy world? 

YY: My work has taught me many lessons over the years about myself and others. Patience would be one thing I'm still learning through my art. I want my art to look great from the start and sometimes I get frustrated with the slow progress of my artwork. 

Also, I'm learning to be more content with myself and the rhythm and pacing of my art career. Being engaged in the social media platform every day, it's easy to compare myself with others who are more successful than me and get discouraged. Times like that I need to remind myself and be appreciative of my art life and career.  


UA: How do you keep yourself and your work evolving?

YY: Over the years, my artwork has evolved and changed the styles many times. I think that's part of my growth and my artistic taste changing throughout my career.  Living in Los Angeles as an artist has been a great experience. We have a strong and competitive art community and that inspires me to advance in my style and my skill. So constantly being exposed to rad art and my motivation to improve my art has helped me to evolve as a visual artist over the years.


UA: How would you like people to connect with your work? 

YY: I have been focusing on creating art that carries a positive vibe and energy recently.  If I can uplift people's spirits or put a smile on their faces, I feel my art has communicated across the audience in a way I meant to.


UA: Do you think we can empower people through art? 

YY: Yes!

UA: What impact do you think your work has or could have on culture and humanity? 

YY: I think my answer to this question would be similar to the previous one, uplifting people's spirits and putting them at ease.


UA: Where do you find inspiration when you’re not feeling inspired?

YY: The lack of inspiration is due to the perspective and capability of an individual's mindset. If you let your mind to stay open and free, it will be more accepting of new inspirations. For me being out in nature helps to reset my mind and be more relaxed.


UA: When do you feel most alive and being your best self? 

YY: One moment I can think of is when I'm painting a large scale mural. It's an intense physical activity and you use the artistic and creative part of your brain. I feel like I'm pushing my physical and mental capacity to the limit, and it feels exhausting and uplifting at the same time. I love it:)

Thank you so much Yoskay!

See more of Yoskay’s beautiful work on instagram