Davia King


Last year Davia created a love portal and is on a mission to spread the love worldwide. She has a question everything attitude and is wise beyond her years. Inspiring through both her painting and writing, Davia has a positive and creative energy that leaves you wanting to be better. All aboard the Davia train.

UA: As an unfinished animals what is the driving message or idea you're creating and sharing through your art? 

DK: ๐Ÿ’œmy message is that humanity is a human family, and we are all a part of this family.

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UA: What has your work taught you about people and the human experience in our ever changing and busy world? 

DK: ๐Ÿ’œwe can only see and create what we believe. Our thoughts are very important then in being the starting point of creation. Change your thoughts/ beliefs and change reality.

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UA: How do you keep yourself and your work evolving?

DK: It's almost impossible not to evolve. Everyone is evolving. I do not believe in neutral choices so every choice we make is either leading us towards or away from what we desire. We are either evolving consciously or not so consciously depending on how we use our agency. And it again starts with our choice of thought or what we choose to focus on in our minds. 

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UA: How would you like people to connect with your work?

DK: My favourite word to hear is inspiration. I want people to feel inspired. Inspired to go create themselves. And by "themselves" I mean both as a person and in general to just create whatever feels exciting. But more so I am driven to inspire and to inspire the person to want to consciously evolve, to shoot for actualised potential in this life. 

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UA: What impact do you think your work has or could have on culture and humanity? 

DK: I want to be a part of the conscious shift for humanity. We live in interesting times where humanity has the ability to connect globally, never have we been closer to "being one" than these times we are in now, and at the same time we are so fragile because we also have the technology to self annihilate. I want to see us continue to exist and evolve, co-create, and love one another. Celebrating together through sharing culture, music, art, food, rather than exploiting for greed and suppressing out of fear or lack. We as a species have so much potential and I'm very curious to see how we will use this and to inspire people to see past their limiting paradigms to evolve together.

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UA: Where do you find inspiration when youโ€™re not feeling inspired?

DK: I find inspiration everywhere, however I don't always feel inspired to create. Creating comes in waves and I'm learning to understand the ebb and flow and trust when to jump in on the wave. Sometimes information must be gathered for quite some time before it can be expressed through the "Davia filter". Sometimes it hits and I have to paddle so fast just to catch it. I do all of the following activities and almost daily: I go on a walks/hikes or observe nature, meditate, watch films and listen to music, listen to talks or read books on consciousness/psychology/spirituality/science/ philosophy and esoteric topics. I write and sketch out concepts in my sketch books. I have deep meaningful conversations about life (usually over a good spread of food) and I listen to what I am hearing and find patterns as I compare to all the other things I've heard and what I feel/ have experienced in my own life. I am very curious and wherever I am and whatever is happening I am constantly observing and noting patterns. I then try to figure out the simplest way to share what I observe lol this part is not easy! Taking thoughts/feeling and translating them into art in hopes that it will shift consciousness is quite challenging indeed!

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UA: When do you feel most alive and being your best self?  

DK: When I'm connecting to others in a deep way. When inspiration and love is felt.

Thank you so much Davia. We ๐Ÿ’œ you!


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