'Positive Defiance' a project w calm + seat

there is no beauty without some strangeness
— Edgar Allen Poe
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unfinished animals recently worked with the UK male suicide charity CALM - Campaign Against Living Miserably - in collaboration with the car brand SEAT, to commission artwork for a massive wall in Shoreditch, London.

Much like the charity, the SEAT campaign ‘Because Them, Us’ is a ‘rallying cry to shake up the status quo’ and part of breaking the mould also means letting go of stigmas around issues such as mental health so we can start to see them as universal not individual- something we all share and take responsibility for.

Through positive defiance, CALM challenges the cultural norms that prevent people striving for a happier life and creating a kinder, more connected society in which people can better support themselves and those around them.
— Simon Gunning, chief executive officer of CALM

As part of the campaign UA was tasked with commissioning a piece of artwork to represent mental health as universal but also a design that immediately captures the essence of humanity and our need for connection.

For this project we turned to illustrator and mural artist, Jonathan Calugi. His simple yet distinctive one line style, intermixed with primary coloured shapes have become an expression for love, compassion and understanding.

The idea behind this artwork is that we are all connected and helping each other. My hand helps your hand.
— Jonathan Calugi

“Suicide remains the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK, but by partnering with progressive brands like SEAT we can reach more people with a positive message and, ultimately, help more people through CALM’s services.” Gunning said.

Let’s hope we see more brand and charity partnerships like this.

The ‘Because them, us’ campaign was conceived by Spanish DDB agency C14torce. The creative was directed by Jones + Tino.