Play, play, more play

Children learn through play but adults learn through art
— Brian Eno
Me in the mirror maze!

Me in the mirror maze!

I think WALALA X PLAY art installation (currently showing at NOW gallery) may be a perfect example of that very quote!

The installation is the artists' - Camille Walala - signature graphic style gone human scale and is her way of reliving those funfair days within a confined gallery space. 

Walala has set out to create a temple to wonder in which visitors can unleash their inner child and lose themselves in colour and pattern
— NOW Gallery

The space attracts both children and adults alike but upon entering, the interaction and engagement with this boldly coloured, patterned maze is very different. But first, let's all take off our shoes and get on even playing field!


As you'd expect the kids run wild, zig zag through colour, and find themselves in tight corners / up against mirrors but what about the 'grownups'? They take their time, circumnavigate the maze, play awkwardly in front of mirrors (i.e. me) and then assess their favourite patterns to find the ultimate photo opp - I mean it's an instagram dream! And as you can see, it's fun times for all!

At the time of writing this post there were 2,868 #walalaxplay instagram pics after being open for 7 weeks (later 3,792 on closing) which is huge considering it's located at Greenwich Peninsula and people are travelling... a colleague was going there for a date and some people appeared to dress for the occasion! 


Reminiscent of our childhood, it's fascinating to see how excited we are to immerse and post pictures of ourselves against walls of graphic pattern and bold colours. I love it too but you have to wonder why and when it became such an anomaly!? 

Like many things in life, we know play is good for us, it's an expression of who we are, and how we learn and build relationships as kids, but sadly most of us (adults) don't nearly do enough of it. 

So thanks to Walala, I think that's our lesson right there people. Play, play, more play! 



WALALA X PLAY at NOW Gallery until 24th September 2017.