Coming into being

Human beings are the only unfinished animals
— Clifford Geetz (anthropologist)

Hello and welcome!

I've started this blog- for myself and others to follow- as a way to share my hopes and dreams for unfinished animals.

Reflecting truth through art, this blog is an ongoing visual journal (and journey) to seek out amazing artists and projects from across the globe that ask us to; imagine, connect to the senses, and ultimately move us to see something new. 

Seeing and feeling the everyday through art, this is part self experiment/ part let's change the fucking world (and can we start to do that through art)!? Can it help us evolve, see differently and open a dialogue? 

it’s only human nature to have a human nature that is the product of the society in which people live and work. Our human nature is much more created than it is discovered.
— Barry Schwartz, Psychologist

It seems obvious once you’ve had time to mull it over but equally it’s quite profound to suddenly grasp that our (evolving) human behaviour is constantly being shaped not by nature but by the institutions in which we live and work.

So what to do with that!? Personally, I think it's exciting and as bad as things may seem at times, it's good to remember we're all work in progress and nothing is set in stone. 

We are all unfinished animals and I'm excited to see what we can discover on this journey through art. 

Time to let the light in!!